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Antivirus, AppLock, Clean&Boost: Phone Keeper app download for Android

Antivirus, AppLock, Clean&Boost: Phone Keeper App Description

Are you tired of those instances when the

memory is full

and does not allow you to save important moments from your life? 🤯 When the

phone freezes and produces bugs


Has the performance of a once swift smartphone decreased to an impossible level? 😒 Free up memory. The Phone Keeper app is just what the doctor ordered.👍


The Phone Keeper

is a small but very fast cleaner Android app that can have a

positive influence on your smartphone memory


💡 What features do Android users want from their phones? 💡:

① Cm security app lock

② Cleaning viruses from phone

③ Displaying of the number of running processes and memory taken

④ Displaying of the amount of RAM used

⑤ RAM optimization

⑥ Power saving mode activation

⑦ CPU temperature display

⑧ Option to delete unused apps

⑨ Android cache cleaner

⑩ Temporary files removal

⑪ Junk file cleaner

💡 Most popular features of the Phone Keeper 💡

🧹App lock

If other people have access to your device, your personal data is under threat. Lock your apps with cm security app locker 🔒 and no one can open them without your permission.

🧹Antivirus protection

Malware, viruses, and phishing sites are dangerous to smartphones and tablets. Antivirus cleaner for Android 🛡️ helps you recognize a potential threat and protect device in real-time.

🚀The amount of RAM used

Find out how much RAM your phone is using for the apps with cleaner. Be sure to check percentages as well as the amount of MB (GB) occupied of the total memory capacity.

🪄RAM optimization

Determine which unnecessary files are slowing down the device with a cleaning master app. Launch your smartphone optimization and view the result.

🔋Power saving mode

Your phone can have an extremely low battery power level. When only calls are important, you need to disable background apps and turn on the cleaners app to reduce battery consumption in three power saving modes.

🌡️CPU temperature

When the CPU is too hot, you need to cool it. Fast cooling of cleaner master will allow you to use CPU resources economically and to prevent the phone from overheating.

🧹Finding temporary and junk files

Each time apps are launched, their temporary files are accumulated in the system memory and cleaning junk should ideally be done immediately after closing the apps. But that is not always the case and temporary files gradually fill up the 📱 memory. The best solution is to detect temporary and junk files and make junk file cleaning to delete them all.

☞ We have put special emphasis on 🔆 a super simple and straightforward interface 🔆, where there is not a single useless thing present. Free up your phone's memory for your favorite videos 📹, photos 📷 and books 📚, and speed up your device with the phone booster for Android. The phoneclean takes up very little space.

🔥A higher processor temperature indicates that some power-consuming apps have been launched or are running in the background.🔥 Clear the RAM with the phone booster and cleaner to track how much the CPU temperature has dropped – the speed of your device 🚀 depends on this.

💡 Additional features of the Phone Keeper 💡:

✅ The installer of the phone cleaning app takes up very little memory on the phone

✅ Intuitive and flexible interface

✅ The

Antivirus tab

. Scan installed applications and downloaded files.

✅ The

AppLock tab

. Easily and quickly lock apps to protect your privacy.

✅ The

Speedup tab

. Check up how many processes are running and how much RAM they utilize. Optimize your device with just one touch.

✅ The

CPU Cooling tab

. Quickly cool the CPU when it is overheated.

✅ The

Power Saving tab

. Three power saving modes: Standard, Ultra, and Extra.

✅ The

App Manager tab

. Quickly remove unused apps.

✅ The

Garbage Cleaner tab

. Clean master knows much memory the cache and temporary and residual files occupy by groups.

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Android 6.0+

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